AI-Powered Search Engines Transforming Academic Research


Embracing the Future of Research: Explore Three AI-Powered Search Engines for Academics

1. Scispace

  • Discovers papers through single plain-text questions.
  • Generates multiple summaries for each paper and its sections.
  • Utilizes AI for interactive conversations with any paper.

Scispace offers a CoPilot browser extension:

  • Engage in ChatGPT conversations with a WEBSITE or PAPER.
  • Receive suggestions for questions.
  • Use any language of your preference.


  • Imagine if ChatGPT and Google had a child – that’s Perplexity.
  • Pose plain-text questions for answers with real references (papers + websites).
  • Continue follow-up conversations in the style of ChatGPT.
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Perplexity also features a browser extension:

  • Ask questions in the CONTEXT of the website/paper.
  • Explore additional links related to the answer (e.g., Wikipedia articles).

[In this screenshot I ask a question on the paper directly.]


  • Addresses medical queries, aggregates evidence from clinical trials.
  • Transforms plain-text questions into queries for research papers.
  • Executes queries and presents the most IMPORTANT papers.
  • Utilizes AI to provide concise summaries of results.


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