15 Tools for PhD Thesis Writing


15 Tools for PhD Thesis Writing

These tools can reduce your thesis writing effort by up to 50%.

  1. Overleaf – Ideal for those adhering to precise formatting standards, especially in STEM. This tool ensures your document complies with LaTeX protocols effortlessly.
  2. Scrivener – Construct a detailed blueprint of your thesis structure. This tool excels in managing the complexity of long-form writing.
  3. Obsidian – Effortlessly link related concepts and notes, creating a web of ideas that reflects the interconnectedness of your thesis.
  4. Asana – Plan your thesis timeline, from proposal to defense. Each task becomes a building block towards your comprehensive thesis.
  5. MS Word – Not just for typing your thesis; utilize its extensive formatting tools to meet submission guidelines.
  6. Google Docs – Collaborate in real-time with your advisor, receive instant feedback, and never worry about losing your work due to a computer crash.
  7. EndNote – Collect and manage all your references, and then insert them into your document in the correct format with just a few clicks.
  8. Mendeley – Organize research papers, read and annotate on the go, and automatically generate your bibliography.
  9. Notion – Collect all your research notes, draft sections, and bibliographic references in one streamlined space. It’s your evolving digital workspace.
  10. OneNote – Seamlessly sync notes across all your devices.
  11. Google Keep – Quickly capture spur-of-the-moment ideas and categorize them with labels. Ideal for organizing thoughts on the go!
  12. Toggl – Track every precious minute spent on each chapter or research activity.
  13. Todoist – Organize tasks for literature reviews, experiments, and writing deadlines. It’s like a friendly reminder to keep your thesis milestones on track.
  14. Paperpal – This tool can eliminate typos and grammar issues from your thesis. You can also use it to trim and paraphrase.
  15. Draw.io – A free tool for creating figures for your thesis.
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Which tool helped you the most in your thesis writing?

You can write the name of the tool in the comments for the benefit of others.


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