10 Secret Websites That Feel Like They Are Illegal


10 Secret Websites That Feel Like They Are Illegal

Discover hidden gems of the internet that offer revolutionary tools to supercharge your productivity and creativity.

1. Sheetplus

Sheetplus – Write Google Sheets and Excel formulas 10x faster with the inbuilt AI Tool.

2. Rows

Rows – Excel on steroids. Transform data faster and build better spreadsheets with AI. Get ChatGPT inside your spreadsheet for free.

3. Orimon AI

Orimon AI – World’s first chatGPT-like Sales-Enabling chatbot. Build & deploy your conversational AI chatbot in under 2 minutes.

4. Decktopus

Decktopus – Create AI-powered presentations in seconds.

5. Flexclip

Flexclip – Easily create and edit videos for various purposes. flexclip.com

6. Stey AI

Stey AI – Record and analyze user behavior with AI.

7. SciSpace Copilot

SciSpace Copilot – Get real-time answers to articles online.

8. Monica

Monica – An AI-powered extension for various tasks.

9. CMJ

CMJ – Improve your writing and generate blog posts with ChatGPT keyboard shortcut.

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10. AgreeTo

AgreeTo – AI-powered Chrome extension for scheduling meetings directly from your inbox.


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