How to Apply for a Canadian Visa on Your Own: Step-by-Step Guide


How to Apply for a Canadian Visa on Your Own

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide to Apply & Submit Your Canadian Study Visa Application

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

After receiving your acceptance letter from school, verify if you need a study permit here. If eligible, click on ‘How to Apply’.

Step 2: Start the Application Process

On the ‘How to Apply’ page, answer the following:

  • Where are you applying from? Answer: Outside Canada.
  • How do you want to apply? Answer: Online.
  • Select your country, then scroll down and click on ‘Create An Account and Sign In’.

For account creation, visit this page and click ‘Sign in with GCKey’.

Step 3: Create Your Online Profile

After signing in, create your Username, Password, and Security Questions and Answers. You will then have access to a required list of documents to submit.

Step 4: Gather Your Documents

Required forms:

  • Application for a Study Permit made outside Canada. Download here.
  • Application for a Temporary Resident Visa made outside Canada (Optional).
  • Family Information Form (IMM 5707).

Document checklist: View here.

Download forms: here.

Note: Download forms first and open them from your ‘Download Folder’. Ensure the latest version of Adobe is installed.

Other Required Documents:

  • Acceptance Letter and Receipt from School
  • International Passport
  • Digital Passport Photograph (Canada Spec). Specifications here.
  • Proof of Means of Financial Support (Statement of Account)

    • For Proof of Means of Financial Support, provide your sponsor’s statement of account (if you are being sponsored) as well as your own statement of account.
    • Also, provide any other document that can support your financial dependency
  • Police Clearance Certificate, PCC (Optional)

    • The PCC is not a required document listed on the CIC study visa checklist.
    • However, in order to avoid delays in processing time in case they need it, I always advise including it.
  • Motivation Letter
      This is where you tell:

    • A story unique to yourself.
    • Who you are.
    • What do you presently do?
    • Why study in Canada and not some other country?
    • Why return to your country after studying?
    • Why the school?
    • Why did you choose the course?
  • A letter from Sponsor

    • The sponsor (preferably Dad/Mum) should write a letter of introduction.

For More Detailed Information: Follow each step carefully and refer to the linked resources for additional guidance. Good luck with your application!


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