A Compilation of AI Tools for Various Purposes


A Compilation of AI Tools for Various Purposes

Expand your skills and creativity with a compilation of the best AI tools for various purposes. Don’t miss out on these 7 essential AI tool categories!

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AI, or artificial intelligence, is the science and technology of creating machines and systems that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as reasoning, learning, decision making, perception, and natural language processing. AI has been advancing rapidly in recent years, thanks to the availability of large amounts of data, powerful computing resources, and innovative algorithms.

AI has many applications and benefits for various domains and industries such as healthcare, education, business, entertainment, security, and more. However, AI also poses some challenges and risks, such as ethical, social, legal, and technical issues. Therefore, it is important to understand the basics of AI, its potential and limitations, and how to use it responsibly and effectively.

This ebook is designed to provide you with a comprehensive collection of AI tools for different purposes. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a student or a professional, a hobbyist or an entrepreneur, you will find something useful and interesting in this ebook. By reading this ebook, you will discover which AI tools to use to enhance your skills, creativity, productivity, and innovation. You will be able to explore the possibilities and opportunities that AI offers for your personal and professional development.


An AI art generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create images from text or other inputs. All you have to do is type in what comes up in your mind on the tools, and it turns it into artwork. It can help you generate artworks in various styles, such as realistic, anime, artistic, or abstract. You can use an AI art generator to express your creativity, visualize your ideas, or design logos and illustrations.

There are many AI art generators available online, each with different features and capabilities. These tools come in the form of an application that can be found in the Google Play store or can be searched on a browser to gain access.

List of AI tools for Art Generation

  1. Midjourney
  2. StarryAi
  3. Nightcafe Studio
  4. Playground.ai
  5. Playarti
  6. Fly! Studio
  7. Photoroom
  8. Jasper Art
  9. DALL-E 2
  10. Open Art Ai
  11. Canva Ai
  12. Dream by WOMBO
  13. Leonardo Ai
  14. Bing Image Creator
  15. Adobe Firefly

NOTE: Some of the tools listed above are not free to access though they might come with a free trial for some limited time.


AI content generator is a software application that uses artificial intelligence to generate text based on a given input or prompt. AI writing tools can help you with various writing tasks, such as creating blog posts, articles, ads, product descriptions, social media posts, and more.

Some of the benefits of using AI writing tools are:

  • They can save you time and effort by producing high-quality content in seconds.
  • They can generate unique and original content that is free from plagiarism.
  • They can assist you with writing in different styles, tones, and languages according to your needs and preferences.
  • They can provide you with suggestions, ideas, and feedback to improve your writing.

List of AI tools for Content Writing

  1. Chat GPT
  2. Copy AI
  3. Compose
  4. Otherside AI
  5. Notion AI
  6. Monica
  7. Analogenie
  8. ClickUp
  9. Bing
  10. Simplified
  11. Frase
  12. Narato
  13. Word AI
  14. Grammarly
  15. Copymatic

NOTE: To access these tools simply type, for example, www.chatgpt.com in the browser and click to choose. Some can also be found in your app store.


AI video generators are software applications that use artificial intelligence to create videos from various inputs, such as text, images, audio, or data. AI video generators can automate the process of video production and editing, enabling users to create videos without any technical skills or equipment. AI video generators can also generate realistic or creative videos that are not possible with traditional methods.

Some of the benefits of AI video generators are:

  • They can save time and money by reducing the need for human labor and expensive equipment.
  • They can enhance the quality and diversity of video content by using advanced algorithms and models.
  • They can cater to different audiences and purposes by offering various features and options.
  • They can inspire new ideas and possibilities by generating novel and unexpected videos.
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List of AI tools for Video Creation

  1. Flikki
  2. Eunway
  3. Lumiere 3D
  4. Synthesia
  5. Shuffil
  6. Kapwing
  7. Reemix
  8. Opus.pro
  9. Heygen.com
  10. Short.AI
  11. Elai.io
  12. Peech


AI tools for photo making and editing are software applications that use artificial intelligence techniques to create or enhance images. Some of the common features of AI photo tools are:

  • Upscaling and sharpening low-resolution or blurry images to make them clearer and more detailed.
  • Cutting out and replacing the background or any unwanted objects from the photo with a single click.
  • Enhancing and correcting the colors, lighting, contrast, and sharpness of the photo automatically.
  • Improving and retouching faces by smoothing skin, whitening teeth, changing eye color, and more.
  • Repairing and colorizing old black-and-white photos to make them look more vivid and realistic.

List of AI tools for Photo Making and Editing

  1. Remini
  2. Sharpen AI
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. Fotor
  5. Luminar Neo
  6. Pixlr
  7. Topaz Photo AI
  8. PicsArt, Inc


An AI tool for making slides for PowerPoint presentation is a software application that uses artificial intelligence techniques to help you create professional and engaging slideshows. Some of the benefits of using an AI tool for making slides are:

  • You can save time and effort by letting the AI generate slides based on your topic, content, and preferences.
  • You can improve the quality and clarity of your slides by using the AI’s suggestions and feedback.
  • You can enhance the visual appeal and impact of your slides by using the AI’s design and animation features.

List of AI tools for Slide Generation

  1. SlideAI.io
  2. Unite AI
  3. Gamma
  4. Prezzo
  5. Slidesgo
  6. Slidemake.com
  7. Tone
  8. Slidebean
  9. Slidequest


An AI tool for code generation is a software application that uses artificial intelligence techniques to create or modify code in various programming languages. Some of the common features of AI code tools are:

  • Generating code from natural language prompts, such as specifications, requirements, or descriptions. The AI can produce complete programs or code snippets that match the desired functionality and style.
  • Suggesting and completing code based on the context, such as the current file, project, or function. The AI can help programmers write faster and more accurately by offering relevant suggestions and auto-completions.
  • Refactoring and optimizing code based on the best practices, standards, or preferences. The AI can improve the quality and performance of the code by detecting and fixing errors, bugs, or inefficiencies.

List of AI tools for code generation

  1. Code 5T
  2. Polycoder
  3. Cogram
  4. Favtutor
  5. OpenAI Codex
  6. Codeium
  7. Tabnine
  8. Code Reviewer


An AI tool for audio generation is a software application that uses artificial intelligence techniques to create realistic and diverse sounds from scratch. Some of the common features of AI audio tools are:

  • Generating music from text prompts, such as genre, artist, mood, or lyrics. The AI can produce original compositions with multiple instruments and vocals that match the desired style and theme.
  • Generating sound effects from text prompts, such as animals, vehicles, nature, or actions. The AI can create realistic and high-quality sounds that can be used for games, videos, podcasts, or other purposes.
  • Generating audio textures from text prompts, such as ambient, atmospheric, or abstract. The AI can create rich and complex soundscapes that can be used for relaxation, meditation, or artistic expression.

List of AI tools for audio generation

  1. Vox Wave Ai
  2. Jukebox
  3. Audio
  4. SofiyaAI
  5. Audio Craft
  6. Songstarter
  7. Audiogen
  8. The Verge (AI Music Generator)


In addition to the categories mentioned above, several AI tools cater to specific tasks:

  • SEMANTIS: Word Association Game – Powered by Google’s natural language understanding technology.
  • BOREDHUMANS: AI-Generated Content – Offers interesting games and experiments, including insult battles, automated combat, generative engine, cyborg writer, and more.
  • FACTMATA: Fake News Detection – An AI tool that helps users detect and flag fake news, hate speech, or propaganda online.
  • WILDBOOK: Wildlife Tracking – Uses computer vision to identify and track individual animals in the wild.
  • ADA HEALTH: Personalized Health Assessments – An AI tool providing personalized health assessments and guidance based on users’ symptoms and medical history.


Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that extends across various aspects of personal and professional life. As you equip yourself with knowledge about these AI tools, explore and try them out to witness how they can enhance your life. The list of AI tools is continually evolving, with new tools emerging regularly. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the ever-expanding world of AI applications!


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