7 AI-Powered Apps to Revolutionize Your Literature Review Process


7 AI-Powered Apps to Revolutionize Your Literature Review Process

Dear Distinguished Members of the Academic Community, Here are seven AI-powered apps to fast-track your literature review.

1. Research Rabbit

  • Helps you visualize connections between papers
  • Can create interactive graphs with one or more papers
  • Helps you discover author networks
  • You can make collections/folders of papers for better organization
  • Extracts all references and citations from a given paper
  • Integrates with Zotero. For Mendeley, you can download a BibTeX and for Endnote an RIS file.

Pricing: Free

2. Connected Papers

  • Takes a single paper and creates a graph of related papers
  • Also lets you add another “origin” paper. That way you it will show you new papers related to both of your origin papers
  • Lets you save papers
  • Saves your graph history
  • Gives you prior works and derivative works
  • Graphs are not interactive
  • No Zotero integration

Pricing: Free: 5 graphs/month; Paid plan: $3/month (billed annually)

3. Inciteful

  • Creates a graph of papers related to a single paper
  • For best results, add five papers to the graph
  • Prefers recently published papers over old ones
  • Gives you most important papers, review papers, and top authors related to your search
  • Shows you how two papers are related with each other
  • Can’t save papers in collections/folders
  • Integrates with Zotero

Pricing: Free

4. Litmaps

  • Creates maps of papers related to a single (seed) paper
  • Discover function lets you discover more papers related to papers in a map
  • X-axis: articles old to new; Y-axis: articles with most citations at the top
  • Lets you save papers in collections/folders
  • Integrates with Zotero
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Pricing: Free: 1 Litmap, 100 articles per Litmap, Basic Discover; Pro: $12.50/month Unlimited maps, articles and advanced Discover filters

5. Elicit

  • Helps you brainstorm research questions
  • Ask it a question and it will answer with references to published papers
  • Gives you a table of papers related to your search question
  • Shows you interventions and outcomes measured
  • Doesn’t create any graphs
  • Can’t save your papers in a collection
  • No Zotero integration

The new Elicit Beta just came out and it’s going to be more powerful than ever.

Pricing: Free

6. Iris

  • Gives you maps that group papers by concepts
  • Unlike all other apps that have a bottom-up approach to literature review, Iris uses a top-down app approach
  • Lets you save papers and build reading lists
  • Saves all your graphs
  • No Zotero integration

Pricing: Free: Limited functionality but still very useful; Paid: €75/month (access to over 200 million papers, search with free-text problem statement)

7. Scite

  • One of the most powerful apps currently available
  • Gives you “Smart Citations:” number of citations that support/oppose an article’s claims
  • Has a Scite Assistant: it’s like ChatGPT for academic research. Answers your questions with references to published papers
  • Also visualizes connections between papers
  • Integrated with Zotero

Pricing: €9.55/month (billed annually)


As we embrace the age of AI, these innovative apps offer unprecedented assistance in conducting thorough and efficient literature reviews. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or academic professional, leveraging these tools can significantly enhance your research process and productivity. Embrace these technological advancements to stay ahead in the ever-evolving academic landscape.


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