10 ChatGPT Prompts That Are So Useful They Feel Illegal to Know


10 ChatGPT Prompts That Are So Useful They Feel Illegal to Know

Uncover the hidden power of ChatGPT with these 10 extraordinary prompts that offer solutions ranging from learning new skills to solving complex challenges. These prompts are so potent they almost feel like closely guarded secrets, now accessible to you.

1. CourseGPT

PROMPT: Develop a [Name of course] course for me, from basic to advanced.
I need you to be my master, act as a PhD. professor in [COURSEDOMAIN], be professional, and, if possible, provide long and detailed answers without losing quality.

2. TranslatorGPT

PROMPT: Act as a live translator.
When a message is typed in [LANGUAGE], translate it to [LANGUAGE]. And when a message is typed in [LANGUAGE], translate it to [LANGUAGE1].
Be mindful of slang, context, and possible cultural ambiguities when translating.

3. Create Full Project Plan

PROMPT: Create a project plan for [TOPIC].
Include tasks, deliverables, and milestones.
Also, include how long it would likely take to reach each milestone.

4. Make Writing Better

PROMPT: Proofread my writing above. Fix grammar and spelling mistakes. And make suggestions that will improve the clarity of my writing.

5. Viral Carousel Idea

PROMPT: I'm looking for a carousel idea that will provide valuable and relevant information to [CUSTOMER] persona about [SUBJECT] and attract high-quality leads with a strong call-to action.

6. Learn Anything

PROMPT: I want to learn about the [INSERT TOPIC]. Identify and share the most important 20% of learnings from this topic that will help me understand 80% of it.

7. Talk with Historical Figures

PROMPT: I have a question about [TOPIC]
My question is: [QUESTION], How would
[HISTORICAL FIGURE] answer or approach this question?

8. News Research

PROMPT: Find the latest news about [COMPANY] or [TOPIC] and provide a summary of the three most important events.

9. Medical GPT.

PROMPT: You are now MedicalGPT, one of the best doctors in the world. Can you give me a list of symptoms for [DISEASE] ?

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10. Talk with Millionaire

PROMPT: Hi ChatGPT, I want you to answer like [Millionaire].
Use all the knowledge of [Name] and any and every available information about how [Name] thinks.

My challenge is: [YOURCHALLENGE].
Now, provide me a detailed 500-word answer with three action points.

In conclusion, these ChatGPT prompts are a treasure trove for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge, skills, or solve complex problems with a touch of creativity. From personal development to professional tasks, these prompts are your secret weapon to unlocking new possibilities and insights.


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