Michael Bolton – Lean On Me

Michael Bolton - Lean On Me
Michael Bolton - Lean On Me

Michael Bolton – Lean On Me Mp3 Download

“Lean On Me” is a soul and pop song by American singer . Released in 1993, it is part of his album The One Thing. This track is a cover of Bill Withers‘ 1972 classic. Michael Bolton’s version features his powerful vocals and a heartfelt arrangement, staying true to the original’s message of friendship and support. The song highlights Bolton’s vocal talent and emotional delivery, making it a memorable rendition of the timeless classic.

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  1. It makes me meditate about God’s presence

  2. Jamilu ado hausa Jamilu ado hausa

    I like all your songs Micheal Bolton loves from nigeria

    • Michael Bolton is an inspiring song writer; he has always had cut- clear messages. U don’t ever try hard to figure out what he sings about.I love this song of his as well as a number of others.

  3. We all need someone to watch over us . This song reminds me of the creator.

  4. I love the song it helps me when I’m bothered

  5. Henry Archibong Henry Archibong

    Really inspired
    I can’t rely on myself because am not the one that created myself…
    In every day of our life we need someone to depend on Jesus is the only one.

  6. Love you sir the great Michael Bolton remember nigerians loves you

    • It’s a spiritual consoler it brings my spirit to rest

  7. nice message to the world. love from Nigeria

  8. love this song can listen to it 10 times a day. love from Nigeria to you

    • These are the days of everyone returning to Jesus Christ

  9. VeRy CoOl MeSsAgE,tOuChInG aNd DiReCtIvE!!!!

  10. Oh, I love this song

  11. everything is great all songs are super warmly👌

  12. Beautiful song can listen to it over and over again.

  13. ivan mawejje uganda ivan mawejje uganda

    I just imagine how could we have lived if there was no leaning on our friends . rocks my need not a friend but human beings will always need somebody to lean on
    thanks Bolton for that philosophy.


  14. it’s inspirational I love the song

  15. I love dis song coz of its message

  16. really am just in love with this song,because no matter how good or bad life can get to be , you really need someone to help you.

  17. Comment:
    The song is awesome

  18. I love love to much this song

  19. I love this song becoz it uplefts me up


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