How to Renew Your Work Permit in Canada


How to Renew Your Work Permit in Canada

A Canadian work permit is a legal document that allows individuals to work in Canada for a specific period. To obtain a work permit, you must first secure a job with a Canadian employer who has received a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), permitting them to hire skilled international workers. These positions are typically not easily filled by Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Having a Canadian work permit opens doors to travel across the country, obtain visas for family members, earn a good income, and even pursue the possibility of permanent residency in the future.

If you already have a Canadian work permit and need to renew it while you’re in Canada, keep reading, as this article will guide you through the process and provide you with essential information.

Factors Affecting Canadian Temporary Work Permits

When considering a temporary work permit in Canada, Canadian visa officers take several factors into account:

  • The permit’s duration of validity
  • The specific nature of authorized work
  • Designated employers for foreign workers
  • Geographical work locations
  • Work restrictions based on days or times

Furthermore, all work permit holders must meet certain requirements:

  • They cannot work for or extend their employment with ineligible employers.
  • They cannot work for or extend their employment with companies offering services like stripteases, escort services, erotic massages, or any form of erotic dances.

Violation of these rules can result in the revocation of the work permit. However, Canadian visa officers can modify these conditions in cases where the foreign worker is eligible for an open work permit or is required to undergo a medical examination.

Duration of a Canadian Temporary Work Permit

Typically, work permits are valid for 1-2 years. However, the Canadian visa officer may adjust the validity period based on several factors:

  • The expiration date of the worker’s passport or travel document
  • The worker’s means of support in Canada
  • The intended duration of stay
  • The validity period of the LMIA or Certificat d’acceptation de Quebec (if applicable)
  • The expected length of employment
  • The maximum work permit validity allowed under any relevant program or agreement.

If all conditions are met, Canadian visa officers grant the longest possible validity period based on these factors.

Extending Your Work Permit in Canada

If your work permit is approaching its expiration date or needs modifications, you must apply to renew or amend its conditions. It’s essential to apply at least 30 days before the current work permit expires. Importantly, applying for an extension or changes before the expiry date allows you to legally remain in Canada while your application is processed.

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Who Can Apply for a Work Permit Renewal in Canada?

This application is for individuals:

  • Who want to renew their work permit
  • Who wish to make changes to their work permit terms, such as job type, employer, or work location
  • With work permit restrictions due to a medical examination; restrictions can be removed if the examination is completed
  • Who need to update their gender information on their work permit

For employer-specific permits, you must apply to extend the duration or modify the conditions in the following situations:

  • Your current job is extended
  • There are changes to your current job, such as salary adjustments or additional duties
  • You receive a job offer from a different employer
  • You intend to work for a new employer

How to Apply for Work Permit Renewal in Canada

You can apply online to extend or renew your stay in Canada, but you must meet certain conditions to maintain your status:

  • Your extension application must be submitted online unless exempted
  • The application must be complete, including biometrics, fees, and other requirements
  • You must apply before your temporary residence status expires

Application fees start at $155, and processing times may vary, but it is around 134 days on average. However, this duration depends on your specific circumstances. Booking your biometrics appointment as soon as possible is crucial to avoid processing delays.

Before applying, ensure your employer has fulfilled their obligations to avoid any issues. Follow these steps to apply for a renewal or extension:

  1. Apply online to ensure completeness and quicker processing
  2. Prepare the necessary documents and create digital copies
  3. Answer the on-screen questions accurately to generate a personalized document checklist
  4. Pay the fees online using a debit or credit card

After creating your account, use it to track your application’s status.


If your Canadian work permit is nearing its expiration, it’s crucial to renew or make necessary changes. This article has provided guidance on how to renew your Canadian work permit while you are still in Canada. Following the steps outlined here will help you extend your work permit without undue stress, ensuring you can continue working legally in Canada.


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