12 Underutilized Free Resources You Might Overlook


12 Underutilized Free Resources You Might Overlook

In today’s digital era, numerous free online tools can significantly boost productivity and efficiency. However, many of these tools remain under the radar. Here’s a list of 12 such resources, each with a unique offering:

1. Toffee Share

A hassle-free platform to share large files privately, without worrying about size limits. Ideal for transferring large data files or multimedia. Toffee Share

2. TinyWow

Offers over 200 online tools for manipulating PDFs – from conversion to editing, making it a one-stop solution for PDF-related tasks. TinyWow

3. Formula Bot

An AI-driven tool that simplifies the creation of complex Excel formulas. It’s a boon for those dealing with data analysis and financial modeling. Formula Bot

4. PDF Drive

A vast library of over 80 million e-Books available for free download, spanning various genres and subjects. PDF Drive

5. Flaticon

Boasts a collection of 11 million free icons, perfect for enhancing presentations or web designs. Flaticon

6. Piktochart

Enables easy creation of infographics and presentations, ideal for visual storytelling. Piktochart

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7. 12ft Ladder

Helps bypass paywalls on online articles, making information more accessible. 12ft Ladder

8. Hunter

Automatically finds email addresses, useful for networking and outreach. Hunter

9. Make

Facilitates the creation of workflows and diagrams to streamline complex processes. Make

10. Hemingway

Assists in making research papers bold and clear, enhancing readability. Hemingway

11. Wordtune

Helps clarify and smoothen your writing, ensuring your message is effectively conveyed. Wordtune

12. Cold Turkey

Blocks out distractions to help maintain focus, especially useful during work or study sessions. Cold Turkey


In our rapidly evolving digital world, these 12 resources represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to free, valuable online tools. Whether you’re looking to enhance productivity, streamline your work processes, or simply explore new digital solutions, these websites offer a great starting point. Remember, the right tool can make all the difference in managing your digital tasks efficiently and effectively.


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