Felix Liberty – Ifeoma

Felix Liberty IfeomaFelix Liberty – Ifeoma

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Listen & Download Ifeoma, a song by Nigerian pop musician, singer, songwriter and producer Felix Liberty (born Felix Aigbe Liberty) also known as Lover boy, from his debut album One Life To Live.

If you were born in the 80s and maybe even late 90s then there’s no way you won’t know this song growing up in a Nigerian household, and for those girls named Ifeoma you had to feel sorry for them :(… They had to hear “Ifeoma Ifeoma Ifeoma, I want to marry you” all the time.

Felix Liberty during his time in the limelight was known as a ladies man, and funny enough released songs “ChiChi”, “Ada” and “Ngozi” apparently for some of the girls he fell in love with. He ended up fathering 6 kids from different women.

In 1985 he found his way to the US to improve his music career but fell on hard times, and rumors have it that he started driving taxis to make a living.

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He finally broke through in 1989 with this single here, Ifeoma. It will end up being the main song he’s known for in decades to come. After the 1992 release of his album 419 (which wasn’t received well), he ended his music career, returned to Nigeria, gave his life to Christ and is now a Pastor.

We’ll forever love this song though for all the great childhood memories and “aunty give me chocomilo” moments.


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